A Day on the Ranch


Uninvited Guests

These six baby snakes found their way into the well pit. Since everybody is afraid of snakes, I guess they will stay there until something breaks and needs fixed.
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Boulder Backroads Marathon

After months of training, Sariah decided to run in a half marathon (13.1 miles) with me in Boulder. Her sister Amy and her have been running between there houses (10 miles) and finishing in about 2 hours. We finished the half marathon in 2hrs. 9 min. She did very well.
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Izzy, Grace, and Family

These are the most recent photo's of Izzy at 5 weeks. Grace is auditioning for the Hanna Montana Show and posing in a field of pumpkins at Jen's Master Gardener location. Aunt Patty finished her volunteer time in Wyoming and stopped for the weekend on her way back to Denver. She made the quilt that the three of them are displaying.